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Sarah Michelle Winn
Wife, Mother, LMT & Certified Coach

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Massage Treatments
Therapeutic Massage
Using a combination of advanced modality's and techniques to make a massage catered to each individual clients needs. Also, adding a complementary service of Aromatherapy and a bag of Relaxation tea to take home to sip on afterwards.

30 minute Massage $30/ 60 minute Massage $45
90 minute Massage $70/ 120 minute Massage $100

*Prenatal Massage is just $5.00 extra (Foot wrap included in massage).
Hot Stones Massage
Soothing heated stones are mixed with pure and organic essential oils.  The heat of the stones deeply penetrate into the muscle, healing it more quickly than in a traditional massage

30 minute $40.00/ 60 minute $55.00/ 90 minute $80.00/ 120 minute $110.00

Aromatherapy Face & Scalp Massage
The exhilarating aromas, Hot Steamy towels & Stones and the amazing feeling of high pressure points being released. All the stress will just melt away one breath at a time.

40 minutes $50.00
Acupressure is light finger pressure holding specific meridian points until they are balanced. The meridian points correspond to different organs and systems in the body.

60 minutes $70.00
Through the hands and feet different pressure points and chakras are worked that correspond and relate to the different systems and organs in the body.
30 minutes $40.00/ 60 minutes $55.00

Icy Hot Therapy
For an intensely healing experience try this treatment with a combination of both heated and iced stones. Hot Stones relax while cool stones soothe away pain and soreness and the alternating between temperatures bring plenty of fresh blood to decrease tension and stiffness in the tissue. This treatment is very detoxifying and is ideal for people that suffer from chronic pain.

90 minutes $80.00
Rain Drop Therapy
During a session 9-12 different essential oils are dropped along the spine and lightly massaged into the skin where the oils nourish all the organs, tissues, muscles and tendons, thus influencing each major system of the body. Then Hot Steamy Stones are placed on your back to drive the oils even deeper into your systems. This therapy is suppose to help those people with scolioses however it has also be reported to work on opening up your sinus, reducing congestion in the chest and head, re leaving symptoms from the cold and flu. If caught in time it has been said to ward off the flu and cold during the winter.
The Regular Treatment or Emotional Balancing Treatment is Available

60 minutes $55.00/ 90 minutes $80.00 (*Recommended time)
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
A technique used to help increase lymphatic flow. Increased lymph flow removes harmful substances from the tissues and increases immune function. The body is first brushed in a certain way to go along with the lymphatic flow and then a light and soothing massage using pumping motions on the drainage areas. A 100% pure essential oil made specifically for lymph drainage is used to bring the ultimate benefits!

60 minutes $55.00/ 90 minutes $80.00(*Recommended time)
Massage Lesson
You can learn how to give amazing massages to your friends, family, or significant other! This lesson is 90 minutes long and we will go over Massage Contraindications, Benefits, Endangerment sites (area's not to massage), Body stance, Techniques, Pressure, and Oils/Lotions/Essential Oils. Please note that this lesson does not make you a professional licensed massage therapist but instead shows you some tools to use for giving your loved ones massages.

90 minutes $85.00