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Gentle & Meek Spirit
"Gentleness has been described as strength under control, which is
a good definition.  But it also speaks to the idea of peace; a woman
who is meek or gentle is a woman who is at peace in her heart, no
matter what the rest of her life is like.  She has no need to fight for
her agenda or to resist her husband's will.  She finds a lasting,
imperishable peace in Christ, which no circumstance can take away
from her."
~Karen Eiler

"Here in a gentle and quiet spirit is beauty that never decays, as the
outward body does.'Gentle' is actually 'meek' or 'humble' and 'quiet'
describes the character of her action and reaction to her husband
and life in general.  Such is precious not only to her husband, but also
to God."
~John MacArthur

"A gentle and quiet spirit is not only imperishable; it is precious in the
sight of God. It's also one of the hardest qualities to cultivate. Far
from a sign of weakness, a gentle and quiet spirit is the sign of a
woman who is strong in faith, mind and character." ~Anna Sofia &
Elizabeth Botkin

Teach me, Lord, to keep sweet and gentle in all the events of life, in
disappointments, in thoughtlessness of others, in the insincerity of
those I trusted, in the unfaithfulness of those on whom I relied.

Help me to put myself aside, to think of the happiness of others, to
hide my little pains and heartaches, so that I may be the only one to
suffer from them.

Teach me to profit by the suffering that comes to me.  Help me to
use it that it may mellow me, not harden or embitter me; that it may
make me broad in my forgiveness; kindly, sympathetic, and helpful

~Author Unknown

"Some people mistakenly think that a gentle and quiet spirit is
displayed when a woman never speaks. This has concerned some of
the outgoing personalities because they don't know how to be a silent
lump. This is merely looking at externals. Certainly sometimes a quiet
spirit will be exhibited by silence, but not always. And a quiet person
can be all worked up on the inside. This is missing the point. A heart
that is resting in the faithfulness of God is gentle and quiet; it is not
stirred up with worry and anxiety. This gentle and quiet spirit is a calm,
peaceful spirit. It is a tame spirit, a gentled spirit. I have often
compared this kind of spirit to a glassy lake, not turbulent or troubled,
but hardly showing a ripple. In contrast, the anxious spirit is like a
stormy sea with whitecaps whipping along the shore. This of course
brings to mind our Lord calming the troubled Sea of Galilee.
Likewise, He can calm our troubled spirits when we look to Him."
-Nancy Wilson

Pride manifests itself in so many subtle, but lethal ways… in a hidden
desire for the praise and admiration of men, an insistence on being
“right,” the desire to be noticed and appreciated, fear of rejection, or
just preoccupation with myself-my feelings, my needs, my
circumstances, my burdens, my desires, my successes, my failures.
These are all fruits of that deadly root of pride. -Nancy Leigh DeMoss