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Thanks to Sarah I am over Bells Palsey.   I was diagnosed with either Bells Palsey or Herpes Zoscer on Monday May 21st.  Of the two Bells Palsey was what the doctor hoped I had because the other was terrible.  He could do nothing for me only advise that I come back next week to see how far it had developed.  I was teriffied.  I went to an acupuncturist, that only hurt but did not help.  Then I went to my chiropractor, it did nothing.  Then I remembered Sarah.  I had my first hour long massage that same week.  Started feeling better that same day.  Had another two days later and felt even better.   Then I had a M'lis Contour Body Wrap.  That moved 17 inches of toxins out.  I continued my massages and will keep them up to avoid more health situations. I know that I am well and pain free because of Sarah's abilities and concerns.  She is really amazing.

-Diane Hill
I have been going to Sarah for a while now and I can feel a difference in my body. It literally feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Sarah is always very professional and very sensitive to what you're feeling.

I like going to Sarah because she knows the exact amount of pressure that I like and she is really intuned to what my body is needing. Sarah really wants to make a difference in the way you are feeling. She puts time and energy into what she's doing and I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks Sarah!!

-Jennifer Brown
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Sarah Michelle Winn
Wife, Mother, LMT & Certified Coach

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Sarah's massage room is a comfortable oasis to relax in.  I was toasty warm on the cool days and comfortable in the summer heat.  I really appreciate Sarah's commitment to listen to what problem areas I have, feel the sore spots and work them out.  Her techniques are excellent, always making sure she uses the right amount of pressure to be most effective and while still assuring I'm comfortable.  I was in a minor car accident this spring and by consistently having Sarah work those problem areas, plus stretching and exercising in ways she and others encouraged me to do, I was able to get back to my "normal" routine more quickly than I expected.

-Karen Smith
Sarah is very knowledgeable and discerning about the products she uses. I especially like Forever Green's Frequensea whole-food drink and Forever Young Essential Oils. The feeling of relaxation and the renewed energy to heal after a "Sarah Massage" is such a treat. Thanks Sarah!

-D'Lynn Gschwend
I have been a client of Sarah's for about four months and find her to be very professional and knowledgeable.  A massage always leaves me feeling that I have had at least twenty pounds lifted from my neck and shoulders; I also sleep so much better after a massage.

I am impressed by Sarah's enthusiasm and business sense; she is determined her clients benefit from the services she offers.  I appreciate the health tips she shares with me. It has been fun to getting to know Sarah and I wish her much success in her career.

-Nancy Bagley
There are many things I like about Sarah as a massage therapist. I find her easy to talk with and I also feel free to lapse into peaceful silence while she works. She has a light, nurturing quality that also comes with a good attention to detail. She provides a heated massage table, candles, music, and even candy ;) I always feel comfortable and pampered during her massages. I appreciate that she can tell if my problem spots are doing better or worse.

I have a problem with both chronic myofacial pain and fibromyalgia. I find that Sarah's hot stone massage helps with deep muscle tension because it provides soothing stones and penetrating heat. Her raindrop therapy massage soothes my central nervous system. What this means is that my chronic pain is just gone for a couple of days after one.

I also like the way Sarah makes suggestions. She makes no push for anything, just suggestions here and there which turn out to be wise when I try them. Sarah has a healing instinct and good training. I am glad to have found her.

Katrina Peacock
For the past six years I have suffered from severe debilitating endometriosis with dense adhesions in my abdominal area and lower back. The chronic pain from this condition turned my body into a ball of pain. I went through two surgeries, rounds of powerful medications, injections, and chiropractic care. But still, I was suffering daily.

Then I found Sarah Winn. I began seeing Sarah for a 90 minute massage every two weeks, and I noticed the results immediately. I was sleeping better, I was taking less medication, my body was better aligned, I was able to increase my physical activity, and I felt an all over sense of wellness. I was truly amazed at how much my quality of life had improved.

Sarah has a true gift for body work. She has an innate ability to know what my body needs, and her able hands always find my trouble spots and relive them in a skilled manner. Sarah is also extremely attentive, making sure the temperature of the room, music, lighting, and oils are just right for me. I leave each treatment a healthier person than I was when I came in.

Whatís more, Sarah is a wellspring of alternative health knowledge. Sheís able to answer my questions about nutritional supplements, exercise, food choices and other elements of whole living. Iíve seen many massage therapists as Iíve traveled around the country, but I always find myself wanting to get back to Springville, Utah to see Sarah.

A visit to Sarahís massage room is a luxurious experience, like having a spa all to myself. But unlike trendy spas, Sarahís prices are extremely reasonable. This allows me to enjoy the many treatments she offers-from hot stone massage to tingling foot wraps to reflexology-without hurting my pocketbook.

Sarah Winn has helped me more than I can say in my journey to wellness. If I were rich I would hire her to be my personal massage therapist and wellness coach! If you want to feel better, look better, live better for a fraction of the cost other spas charge, make an appointment with Sarah today!

-Elodia Strain, Springville UT
In 1996 I was involved in an automobile accident, driving at the speed of 55-60 mph when I was hit in the drivers front end and came to a sudden stop.  I had no broken bones, but almost lost a kidney, and in excruciating pain for nine months.  I had chiropractic treatment for two years afterwards.  I have had massage therapy for 11 years off and on.  I started massage therapy with Sarah a little over a year a ago.  I've experienced great relief from discomfort.  Sarah's a very intuitive caring person.  She has a gentle spirit and at the same time the ability to give a deep tissue massage.  She truly cares for people and commits herself to learning and advancing her knowledge in nutrition and over all health.  I couldn't have found anyone better who fits my needs, she is in my opinion the best.

-Rhonda Hoffman
I began seeing Sarah 2 years ago when I had a serious health issue. I learned that she offered Raindrop Therapy Massages and so decided to seek her out. I am 100% converted to Essential Oils and the benefits they have had on my body!

Besides loving Sarah and her warm personality, I enjoy her healing touch and massage methods.

Alison Chuntz of Salem, UT

Everytime that I receive a massage with Sarah, I feel renewed! She is a wonderful Therapist that has an expert, relaxing touch. I enjoy her massages very much!

-Jannette Flores