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Sarah Michelle Winn
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Kelsey had been super sick with a horrible cough and congestion, and of course all she wanted was mom. She wasn't sleeping at night and when she woke up all she wanted was to have me rock and sing to her.  I was exhausted and reaching the point of frustration. I needed rest and a break, but there was none in sight. Then the Lord spoke to me...I have the greatest job in the world! I GET to be a mom. I GET to stay home and take care of my babies.  I GET to love on them whenever I want, and here was the perfect chance and I didn't want it.  My sweet littlest was sick and she wanted mom, not dad, not brother or sister. only mom.  I took a breath, said a prayer for an extra measure of grace,  hugged her a little tighter and sang "Jesus Loves Me" one more time.

I am so thankful that I had the chance to go to the Above Rubies Retreat.  At that retreat I learned how to embrace the role of motherhood. I thought I was a good mom before, but now I have a new perspective of motherhood. I am teaching my daughters that this is the greatest job in the world! I am trying to teach them their God given role as a mom and wife. Also, I am teaching my son his role as provider and protector of what will some day be his family.  I want them to see the way society has corrupted the male and female roles.  This is something that will take time and effort to teach and learn. I want them to be able to recognize the way of the world and know that God's plan is so much better for them. - Joy Snyder
“Wow where do I even start with how wonderful the Above Rubies Family camp was for our family? I had been to the AR Ladies retreat and was deeply encouraged and inspired as a wife and mother but then being able to have my whole family together being uplifted, encouraged, and challenged together….some powerful stuff!  It was also so fun to see both Collin and Nancy together speaking. What a powerful couple being used for the glory of God. The messages were straight from the Bible.  I love the obvious passion and energy that both the Campbell’s showed as well.  Their zeal for the Lord was so refreshing.  It has also been so encouraging coming home from the family camp and a year later having my husband still leading us after our family meal time in the Word of God and my little ones talking about family camp and how fun it was. We will for sure be at the next one!” -The Manning Family